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Bubonix/The Big Sleep/Sorry No Ferrari Empty Bubonix/The Big Sleep/Sorry No Ferrari

Post  therockingviking on Sat Mar 14, 2009 5:37 pm

Here are some bands that you might like, if you're into the more rock side of what KK does:

After hearing Kaki cover some Bubonix material on the Dreaming of Revenge tour, I decided to check them out, and they are lots of fun to listen to, if you like hardcore.

The Big Sleep is a really good rock group from Brooklyn--there's a definite shoegaze influence, which makes me think that fans of Kaki's later stuff might like them.

Sorry No Ferrari is chill instrumental music, sounds a lot like American Football. I guess you could call it progressive math rock maybe? I think the lead guitarist does some tapping type stuff, but I don't want you to think that it sounds anything like 'Magazine' or whatever. They're pretty solid, and their myspace page lists Kaki King as an influence, which makes me happy.

As a side note, anyone who likes LTMUL and hasn't checked Preston Reed needs to do so. He's a great guitarist and musician, and I think he seems to be a big influence on KK's second album.

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